Drunken Temari Balls

Historically, temari were constructed from the remnants of old kimonos. Pieces of silk fabric would be wadded up to form a ball, and then the wad […]


It’s Ornamental

It is also ironic to be thinking about how commercial the holiday season is and then make lots of things to sell during the holidays. […]



I realize I haven’t been keeping up, but it was either weave or blog. You know what won. Here is how I often wind an […]


Festival of Scarves

I was going to call this–A SCARF A DAY– but after 4 days, my back said to slow down. But let me tell you how […]


Salt Lake Splendor

What an AMAZING workshop! I think it was my very best! Everyone arrived with their horoscope warps on the loom and ready to go. There […]


Ah, the palette is cleared

I have to say that after all these years, these moments remain some of my favorite. In case you haven’t been following, this is my […]


Clearing the pallette

Yes, it’s true! I can weave without color. I call it clearing the palette. It is quite refreshing, actually. Many years ago, a lovey gentleman […]


And Weaving

Sometimes I believe the warps are better before they are woven, but not in this case. This particular horoscope weaving incites my “aura envy” (grin). […]


Yes, I am Still Alive

After a rather long break, here is weaving going on the loom! And now I begin the season of  Tencel, hopefully a fiber for all […]

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